Monetize your channel: how to make money on Talentter

Are you an influencer on other platforms? Monetize your audience by sending your fans to your Talentter profile, earn up to 5 times more money than on Youtube, i.e. 5 € for every 1000 views!

Check out the features below to generate revenue on Talentter through your fame on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or TikTok.

Monetize your channel

How to monetize your videos?

You can generate income on Talentter if your application is successful.

Eligibility criteria

  • Get "Certified" on Talentter: The first step is to apply for certification here and receive the blue "certified" badge.
  • Create content that complies with our Content Guidelines: To ensure that we are rewarding talented creators, we review your channel's content before accepting your application for Talentter certification. We also continually review channels to ensure they continue to meet our rules and guidelines.
Monetize your videos

How to make money on Talentter?

Once your profile is certified, your exclusive and unpublished content in line with the values of the Talentter platform must be shared!

  • Spread your "sponsored" links on your other social networks.

Have a community on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or TikTok? Share your sponsored links easily from Talentter now and instantly earn money for every view!

1000 views = 5 € ! Find your sponsored links here.
Make money on Talentter

How much money can I make on Talentter?

Of course it all depends on how many subscribers you have on other platforms who are likely to click on your Talentter link.

With a net eCPM video views (net revenue per 1000 video views) at 5 €, which is between 5 and 10 times higher than Youtube, and with a base of 100,000 subscribers you can estimate between 500 and 5,000 € of revenue per week based on the traffic you will generate from links inserted on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and TikTok. Be careful, this is an approximation as you will not make all the views immediately.

If you get 1M views per month from your social media links, you can expect between €5,000 and €10,000 per month in revenue generated from just 1 video!

Make money on Talentter

How is Talentter doing better than other social networks?

Most monetization strategies on other social networks involve initiatives to promote products or campaigns. Creators fear losing the trust of their followers by taking part in sponsored collaborations. With Talentter, you simply suggest your fans, followers and general audience to follow YOU.

With this new form of monetization, you're guaranteed not to bore your audience with product promotions or campaigns that could sabotage the integrity of your content. You simply suggest that they find you on Talentter, the unique social network dedicated to Talent.

Other social networks

How do I get paid?

In order to cash in your earnings, you must have generated at least 200 € of income thanks to your sponsored links. Once you have reached this amount, you can make an easy, quick and secure transfer request by entering your information and your bank details.

On the "monetization" page you will find the total amount of your earnings, as well as the current amount to be cashed out.

Request a transfer

Upcoming bonuses:

Traffic monetization is not the only way to make money on Talentter. You will soon also find the possibility to receive Tips & Tips that visitors can offer when playing your video content based on their emotions.

In addition, a partnership with " Shopify " will offer you the opportunity to make your goodies available to your audience.

These bonuses will arrive in early 2022 with theincredible Talentter app available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Available soon